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A casual place to have fun

Free2Play Tournaments

Every 4 months we have a Free2Play Tournament. The community votes on a game and we have a fun tournament.


We have members from 8 different countries. Anyone is welcome to join in if the time works for them.


A friendly environment to find people looking to play more than just Arma all the time. We also play War Thunder, League of Legends, Cards Against Humanity, and more.

Our Missions

Weekly Missions

Voice Comms

We use TeamSpeak 3 with the latest version of ACRE during all missions.


Our missions are at . They usually last between an hour to two hours.


All our missions are Zeus missions, allowing a level of complexity and enemy intelligence that can't be matched with scripts.


We play with realism settings and realistic objectives with tactical strategy.

Our Mods

A useful set of mods to enhance gameplay and immersion.

We use the latest version of Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE3) and Advanced Combat Radio Environment 2 (ACRE2) to enhance communication and cooperation during our missions.

CUP and Aegis make up the majority of the assets we use during our missions, providing a large set of high quality assets that fit in with vanilla assets.

We maintain an in-house Canadian Armed Forces mod allowing Arctic, Desert and Woodland operations.

  • I had never played ARMA before but the Synixe family has given me the most fun and balanced gaming experience I could have asked for
    Flashy Moves
    Community Member
  • A fun and welcoming community
    Community Memeber
  • I'm glad I found this group, it's well organized with a friendly environment and good people.
    Community Moderator
  • This group has rescinded my belief in God. Instead I worship the dictatorship, and goddamned is it worth it!
    Community Member
  • This is a group where good friends have great fun.
    Welcome to the party, pal.
    Community Moderator