About Synixe

Synixe is a casual milsim group. We have no ranks, no time requirements and no lengthy mandatory training. Our goal is to create a fun atmosphere for playing while also taking the mission seriously.

Most of our missions are CO-OP and we are have opportunities for people that would like to create and/or host missions. We have a 24/7 TeamSpeak that can be used outside of missions for any game you're playing.

Outside of Arma 3 Missions we'll also play other game we enjoy. Rainbow Six Seige, Insurgency and PUBG are popular choices if you're looking for other people to play with.

The majority of our mission feature the Canadian Armed Forces and their Joint Task Force 2. We are not a Canadian unit however and some missions will feature other units.

After Action Replays

Take a look at the mission afterwards to see an overview of how it went.

Join the Action

Come join in the fun.